Embark on the TMDC City NFT Discord Game Adventure

Step into the captivating world of the TMDC City NFT Discord Game, an immersive Energy Base Game where the quest for Energy fuels your journey. As you immerse yourself in the gameplay, your mission is clear: collect Energy and secure a coveted spot among the Top 10 players on the Leader Board. These elite players will reap the rewards of their efforts through exclusive Block Rewards in the form of TMDC Tokens.

How to Begin
Initiating your adventure is seamless. By becoming a part of our vibrant Discord Server, you gain access to your very own free Mining Rig. Engage in the game by simply utilizing the command /work in the game-spam channel. Your goal is to amass Energy and ascend the ranks of achievement.

Unveiling Block Rewards

The excitement of Block Rewards awaits. Every 16.8 hours, the Top 10 Energy Leaders across all Leader Boards will witness their Energy reset, marking the commencement of hourly Block Reward distribution. For those not among the Top 10, Energy is conserved for the next Block Reward opportunity. Each Block cycle generates a remarkable 150 TMDC within a 24-hour span.

Enhance with TMDC NFTs
Augment your gameplay with TMDC NFTs, strategically designed to elevate your gaming experience. Utilize these unique assets to harness more Energy and set the stage for greater triumphs in the TMDC City NFT Discord Game.

More ways to Earn

TMDC NFT’s Rewards
Discord Server Voting/Faucet Rewards, Doge Coins Staking Rewards and more Coming Soon!

DogeCoin Mining Logo
Limit 1 Use per Account

Unlock the Power of Phase 3 District NFTs

Embark on a new era of TMDC City NFT Discord Game with the launch of Phase 3 District NFTs. This marks the commencement of our groundbreaking collaboration with LNOW, introducing the vibrant Series 1 of the TMDC City District NFTs.

Discover 5 unique Districts, each adorned with its own TMDC City NFT Discord Game District Mining Rig, Leader Board, and all things District-related. These NFTs are the key to unlocking a world of opportunities within TMDC City.

Elevate Your Gameplay
Dive into the dynamic world of energy levels and brilliance as you navigate through different Mining Rig Levels. From Level 1 to Level 5, each tier offers distinct benefits, from enhanced Mining Rig Energy production to increased rewards from the /work command.

District-Specific Rewards
Districts 1 and 2 offer a fusion of Brilliance (LNOW) and energylvl (TMDC), while Districts 3 to 5 exclusively provide energylvl rewards. Embrace the unique attributes of each District NFT and seize the chance to make your mark in the TMDC City NFT Discord Game.

Welcome to Phase 3 District NFTs – where innovation, collaboration, and gaming prowess unite to redefine your TMDC City experience.

Current Game Play: Collect Energy in Crypto Districts

  1. Acquire District Packs: Obtain District Packs through purchases, winning challenges, or claiming rewards.

  2. Unveil Tokens: Open the packs to reveal unique tokens. Each token corresponds to a specific district.

  3. Token Fusion: Combine 10 distinct tokens from the same district to create an animated District Token. This signifies the initiation of your Energy collection journey within that District.

  4. Crypto Enhancement: Elevate your District Token’s potential by upgrading it with cryptocurrency associated with the corresponding District.

  5. Energy Accumulation: Once you possess an animated District Token, you can begin accumulating Energy within that District. The more upgraded your District Token is, the more Energy you can amass.

  6. Reward System: Every 16.8 hours, the top 10 Energy contributors will be rewarded with TMDC Wax Tokens, recognizing their dedication and influence in driving the District’s growth.

Embark on this captivating crypto adventure, strategically fusing tokens, amplifying their power with crypto, and vying for prestigious TMDC Wax Token rewards as a distinguished Energy producer.

This image explains how to collect all 10 tokens

/Work Energy

*Level of Mining Rig is based from your combined energylvl

/work commandMining Rig Energy
District upgrade link
Mining Rig Level 11-251 Hour1-51 – TMDC
Mining Rig Level 226-501 Hour5-102 – LIGHT
Mining Rig Level 351-751 Hour10-153 – TACO
Mining Rig Level 475-1001 Hour15-204 – SHING
Mining Rig Level 5101+1 Hour20-255 – BMC
*District 1 and 2 give both Brilliance(LNOW) and energylvl(TMDC), District 3-5 will only give energylvl.
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Numbers will stay the same until October 1st then we will reevaluate and make any needed changes. 

Phase 2 Holiday NFT’s Pack

TMDC Holiday NFT’s Pack contains Eighteen NFT’s. Ten can be Upgraded and added to the Farm, to farm TMDC Tokens, Eight can be blended for Wax Rewards.

Explore the entire Phase 2 Holiday NFT’s Pack and uncover the dual adventures that await. Upgrade for TMDC Tokens or blend for Wax Rewards – the choice is yours to make. Enter this realm of creativity, strategy, and rewards, where NFTs hold the key to a world of excitement.

Ten Can be Upgraded and Added to the Farm, to Farm TMDC Tokens:

With a Successful Level Upgrade, An Assets Default Staking Rate(.01). Is Added Upon Itself To Create A New Rate, There Are 10 Achievable Levels To Unlock. The First Upgrade Level has a 30% Success Chance. With each Leveling Progression to increase by 10%.

10 Upgradable Holiday TMDC NFT’s.  2, Easter, Halloween, Hanukkah, St-Pattys Thanksgiving, 2 Valentines, 2 X-Mas.

Upgrades Links

Eight Can be Blended for Wax Rewards

Journey into a captivating world of blending with the Phase 2 Holiday NFT’s Pack. Among the NFTs lie eight unique pieces, each holding the potential for a thrilling blending experience. Mixing these NFTs reveals the excitement of unpredictability, as you aim for extraordinary Wax Rewards. With a vast pool of 3,000 NFT cards, the realm of blending offers infinite possibilities and incredible Wax Rewards to discover.

8 Blendable TMDC NFTs from the Holiday NFT Pack. Red, Blue, Hot Pink, Green, Brown, Pink, Light Blue, and Yellow
PrizeBlend Link# of RewardsReward
112500 Wax
24500 Wax
330250 Wax
45650 Wax
515030 Wax
624010 Wax
75402.5 Wax
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**Warning there have been a lot of scams out there in the NFT space. Please do your own research.** 
Here is a link to an article about it from our friends over at Coin Desk.

Phase 1 – TMDC Donator Miner NFTs

Embark on a journey of enhanced energy generation with the Phase 1 TMDC Donator Miner NFTs. These unique NFTs empower you to elevate your energy accumulation within the TMDC City NFT Discord Game’s Free District. By securing a TMDC Donator Miner NFT, you’re opening doors to optimized energy acquisition, ensuring you’re well-equipped to chase after valuable Block Rewards. Immerse yourself in the realm of amplified potential and embark on an adventure that promises enhanced rewards for every TMDC City enthusiast. You will also be able to get free drops of NFT’s here.

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Only one of each type of donator NFT can be connected to the Discord game at this time.

Automatic Energy

NFT TypeFree Random District NFTEnergy
in Wax
FriendEvery 5 Days11 Hour
ExplorerEvery 4 Days21 Hour1$5
PatronEvery 3 Days31 Hour1$10
BenefactorEvery 2 Days41 Hour1$25
FounderOnce a Day51 Hour1$100
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*Per level Energy gained from TMDC City Miner NFT's

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