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Welcome to the world of TMDC City Wax Tokens, the heartbeat of the TMDC City Game on Discord. This digital currency is the key to unlocking many exciting opportunities within our thriving community.

Earning TMDC Tokens

At TMDC City, we believe in rewarding active participants. Here’s how you can earn TMDC Tokens:

Taco Links: Dive into the Taco ecosystem and boost your earnings:

Salsa Pool: Stake Taco to earn TMDC over time.
Meal Pool: Provide liquidity to the TMDC-WAX pair and reap TMDC and WAX rewards.
Taco Exchange: Swap your Wax Tokens for TMDC Tokens. This exchange provides you with the flexibility to manage your assets effectively.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits as a TMDC NFT Token Holder

As a TMDC NFT Token Holder, you gain access to a world of exclusive benefits:

Token Holder Rewards: 

Acquiring TMDC Holder roles is your passport to unlocking these perks. To obtain these roles, blend the required tokens and acquire your Holder NFT.

Private Roles and Chat Channels: 

Once you hold the required NFT(s), the Honeycomb Bot will automatically grant you access to private roles (estimated time 30 min). These roles include the bonus of accessing exclusive chat channels to connect with fellow token holders.

TMDC Tokens in NFTEarned EnergyTimeBlends for NFT
1K Holder 11 HRBlend Link
5K Holder21 HRBlend Link
10K Holder31 HRBlend Link
50K Holder41 HRBlend Link
125K Holder51 HRBlend Link
*use /work in the TMDC City Discord Game to collect Energy



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