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By creating an account on the TMDC City Website, you open the door to a rewarding experience. Our system tracks your interactions with the Website, assigning Activity Points that reflect your engagement. Every Wednesday, your accumulated Activity Points take center stage. We use them as the basis for a special DogeCoin Airdrop/Tip-Out within the TMDC City Discord Server. This puts the power of crypto right in your hands. From here, the possibilities are endless. You can choose to exchange your DogeCoins for other cryptocurrencies, stake them within the Discord community for a remarkable 49.4% APY, or even convert them into tangible cash. Embark on this journey today and unlock a world of rewards, connections, and financial opportunities with TMDC City

Step One

Join Discord &

Dive into the TMDC Discord Server, a vibrant and carefree community that’s dedicated to democratizing Cryptocurrency and NFT accessibility worldwide. Within, you’ll find an array of engaging activities including contests, staking opportunities, and daily surprises like spontaneous Doge Coin and other Cryptocurrency Airdrops—powered seamlessly by the bot. Be part of something bigger, right from wherever you are.

TMDC Discord Features & Guides

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Limit 1 Use per Account

TMDC City Discord Server

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You are required to be a part of our Discord Server to get tips from us. 
Your account is automatically created when you join any Discord Server like TMDC City

Step Two

Setting Up Cryptocurrency & NFT Accounts

WAX Wallet: Begin with 5 WAX upon Sign-Up—your passport to all things on the Wax Blockchain.
Honeycomb: Kickstart with $.50 USD worth of Wax, connecting your Wax Wallet seamlessly to your Discord Account.
Binance: Sign up for free. Dive into a world of cryptocurrency exchange, with the option to convert to Fiat/Cash. Your journey into the crypto universe starts here.

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Not Required to Mine Free DogeCoins

Binance US

Wax Blockchain

Binance Outside US


Step 3

Establish Your TMDC City Account
To create a TMDC City Account, you’ll need your Discord ID. Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to locate it—our comprehensive step-by-step guide has got you covered. Join the TMDC City community with confidence, and let the adventure begin.

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Discord ID

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Make sure your Discord ID is Correct, incorrect numbers will delay your Payouts 
You will receive a DM via Discord if there is an error.

Step 4

Explore the Mining Info Page

Uncover a goldmine of strategies for earning Activity Points as you explore our detailed Mining Info Page. From tips and tricks to a multitude of methods, this page is your key to maximizing your rewards.

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Remember, to accumulate Activity Points, you must be signed into the Website. And as a Discord Server member, you'll be in the loop for Tips! Don't miss out on extra rewards—make it a habit to log in and out daily. Your journey to rewards and connections is in your hands.

See Your Rewards Unfold!

Experience the thrill of receiving Doge Coins every Wednesday, directly to your Discord wallet. These rewards are determined by your Activity Points and are tipped out in the ⛏│tmdc-mining-payouts channel. It’s your moment to reap the benefits of your engagement and dedication within the TMDC community.



Required Accounts:
TMDC Discord Server (Doge Coin Payouts)
TMDC City Website (Activity Points for Doge Coin Mining)

Accounts not Required to Earn Doge Coins:
Binance US: (Exchange Cryptocurrency to Fiat/Cash)
Binance Outside US: (Exchange Cryptocurrency to Fiat/Cash)
Taco (Wax Crypto Exchange)
Wax Wallet (TMDC Tokens & NFTs)
Honeycomb (Discord Wax Wallet Connection)

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