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DogeCoin Mining

Activity Points: Unveiling Your Earnings

Activity Points lie at the heart of your TMDC City experience, offering a tangible measure of your engagement and contributions. Each action you take within the community contributes to your points balance, fostering an environment where every interaction matters. Whether you’re exploring the website’s features, participating in games, or referring friends, each endeavor accumulates points that reflect your commitment.

These points become your currency of appreciation, representing your active role within TMDC City. As you amass Activity Points, you not only heighten your standing within the community but also unlock access to rewards, contests, and potential DogeCoin airdrops. Your journey, marked by these points, intertwines with the thriving tapestry of TMDC City—a dynamic reflection of your dedication and participation.

DogeCoin Airdrops: A Shared Bounty

Experience the thrill of DogeCoin Airdrops, a vibrant reward system that shares the wealth of TMDC City. With 20% allocated for hosting and the remaining 80% thoughtfully distributed among members based on their individual Activity Points, every contribution is celebrated. Seamlessly delivered every Wednesday in the ⛏│tmdc-mining-payouts channel, these Airdrops symbolize the sense of community and appreciation that define TMDC City. Your engagement, whether through gaming, referrals, or interactions, transforms into tangible Doge Coin rewards, uniting us in a shared journey of growth and prosperity.

Passive DogeCoin Mining

Earn DogeCoins effortlessly while idle by simply leaving the page open for as long as possible. (Direct access to Activity Point Mining Page.)

Pacman Game

Gain Activity Points by devouring Power Pellets while outsmarting colorful Ghosts in the Pacman Game. (Direct access to Activity Point Mining Page.)

Try Your Luck with the TMDC City Fortune Wheel

Give the Fortune Wheel a spin daily to test your luck and for Activity Points. (Direct access to Activity Point Mining Page.)

TMDC City Discord Game

TMDC Discord NFT Game: Enter a dystopian world where survival, trade, and strategy collide. Mine energy, craft, and thrive in this post-apocalyptic adventure!

Affiliate Program

Refer friends and family to the TMDC City Website and receive Activity Points as a reward through our Affiliate Program.

Climb Ranks & Earn Badges

Elevate your standing through Ranks by accruing Activity Points and earn Badges by consistently completing tasks.

Engage in Events & Contests

Explore the Members Only page for the latest Events and Contests, offering additional ways to earn Activity Points.(Direct access to Activity Point Mining Page.)

Claim Buttons

Your Instant Activity Boost:
Discover a world of swift rewards with our Claim Buttons scattered across the website. With timers ticking down, seize the opportunity to claim your points in an instant. Engage with these buttons and watch your Activity Points soar, adding a dynamic element to your TMDC City journey.

DogeCoin Mining Logo

DogeCoin Mining Logo

Your Key to Bonus Activity Points:
Spot the distinctive DogeCoin Mining Logo—it holds the potential to unlock additional Activity Points through seamless interactions on the TMDC City Website. Keep an eye out and elevate your rewards effortlessly.

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