Staking 🔍│staking-info

Staking in the TMDC City Discord Community offers a unique opportunity to put your DogeCoins to work and earn rewards. By participating in staking, you contribute to the growth and stability of the community while reaping the benefits of a 49.4% APY payout every Sunday in DogeCoin.

You can check your balance, reinvest your staking interest, and withdraw your DogeCoin earnings at your convenience through simple commands in the dedicated channels. Staking is a smart way to watch your investments flourish and add to your TMDC City journey.

DogeCoin Financial Hub

🗑│tip-bot-spam channel

Check your balance
Reinvest your staking interest
Withdraw your DogeCoin at any time $tip <@796969931303813132> 0.1 Doge for staking

TMDC DogeCoin Staking

TierDoge CoinEarned EnergyTime
1< 25 doge11 HR
2>25 doge21 HR
3>150 doge31 HR
4>500 doge41 HR
5>1000 doge51 HR
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Note: When sending doge anything that is not in .1 increments is a donation

Voting & Faucet Info 🔍│voting-info

Earn Energy by helping our Server get on the top 10 list, on
*Voting can be done once every 12 hours.

Join us in propelling our server to the top 10 list through voting, contributing to our community’s growth. Cast your vote every 12 hours, ensuring you’ve enabled reminders on our website for timely participation. Here’s how to participate:

  1. Access the voting link: Use the command /vote link in the ⁠🗳│vote-here channel or visit Remember to enable a 12-hour reminder.

  2. After voting: Head to the ⁠💦│faucet channel. You’ll notice the faucet accessible once you’ve voted.
    Participate in voting to contribute and reap the rewards while supporting our thriving community.

Vote Central: Boost TMDC City with Your Votes!

🗳│vote-here channel

/vote link
Use this command to place your vote.
/vote leaderboard
Check out the top 10 voters.
/vote reminder
Receive a reminder every 12 hours to vote.

Claim Your Treasure!

💦│faucet channel

Claim your DogeCoin rewards.

Voting & Faucet Doge Coin Distribution

1 – 10$.00012 HR12 HR
11 – 20$.00022 HR12 HR
21 – 30$.00042 HR12 HR
31+$.0012 HR12 HR
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*Make sure you enable Reminders on the website. 

TMDC City Mining: Earn DogeCoin Payouts Effortlessly 🔍│mining-info

The TMDC City Discord Server introduces an engaging and effortless mining experience via an interactive website that requires no downloads. As you delve into this virtual mining adventure, you’ll accumulate FREE DogeCoin Payouts from the 🤑│doge-pool. The pool’s growth is fueled by the combined Activity Points of both you and the TMDC Website Community. Each Sunday, Automatic Equal Share Payouts take place in the ⛏│tmdc-mining-payouts channel, with 20% designated for Hosting and a substantial 80% allocated to Contributors. Your mission is to gather Activity Points avidly to maximize your rewards.

Payout Schedule

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