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🎮 **Gamer of 30+ Years 🎮

Step right into the world of Death, a seasoned gamer with an impressive legacy spanning over three decades. In the vibrant hub of TMDC City Discord Community, Death’s gaming journey unfolds. With a passion that dates back to the early Ultima Online gaming days, Death isn’t just another player – he’s a connoisseur of all things gaming. No dragons slain or mythical lands conquered here, but rather, the thrill of a gamification website mastered. Death has honed their skills, carving out a niche that’s uniquely theirs.

💰 Cryptocurrency and NFT Enthusiast 💰

Yet, the adventure isn’t confined to pixels alone. As the creative mind behind a stress-free, fun-loving TMDC City Discord Community, Death’s mission is clear: make Cryptocurrency and NFTs accessible, regardless of where you are. This isn’t about code or algorithms; it’s about connection and community.

🌐 Accumulate Activity Points for Dogecoin Rewards 🌐

On the horizon is a website that promises even more excitement. Here, every interaction matters, every click counts. With every engagement, members amass Activity Points, a currency of its own kind. And when the week draws to a close, Death works their magic. The points translate into Dogecoin rewards, an embodiment of appreciation for the vibrant community that’s been nurtured.

Step into the realm of Death, where gaming heritage meets modern innovation. Unite with fellow gamers, explorers, and enthusiasts, and embark on Death’s TMDC City journey.

TMDC City Token

TMDC City Wax Token is the Official Token for the TMDC City Game On Discord.


Purchasing a TMDC NFT
increases the amount of energy you can earn to get Block Rewards in the TMDC City NFT Discord Game

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TMDC City offers DogeCoin Activity Mining – no downloads required. You earn by how much Activity you show on the TMDC City website

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